Monday, 29 December 2008

Consulting !!

A consultant is usually an expert or a professional in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter - Wikipedia

I wonder why was I hired as a consultant from the MBA campus (non- experienced hire) when I myself require some consulting on career aspects. The sole decision of going with the crowd in to IT consulting changed my whole life.

I can now never successfully decide what is good and what is bad. If one says terrorism is bad, I immediately start my consulting gyaan saying... "Not really, terrorism might also be a part of international politics called bigger picture over and above the normal terrain ". And you know my brain is so tuned to consulting now that I even garner some seemingly realistic examples like Sept-11 American attacks paving way for Saddam's downfall and oil wells!!!

You know.. I stick to my uttered sentence inspite of knowing that it is wrong. I wonder that my conscience no longer fights with me. I am fully aware that the IT product I am offering doesn't fit my customer's business requirement, but "ABRACADABRA" I can make them belive that the product I am offering is a distant long dream for them to raise their business by 30%. (Hey.. Don't ask me how I derived the figure of 30%)

I try to do cost benefit analysis of every single damn thing I buy, whether it is a blanket or a soap case. Hey.. I am paid well .. but believe me these consulting principles are in my blood.

I use most of the geometry and painting lessons I learnt in my upper primary to draw different shapes (circle, pentagon, 3D figures) and colour them which depict the utilization percentages of the IT product across the departments of the business.

Consulting - Yes I teach my customers who are decades (some times centuries) old in doing business as how to do business the right way !!

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  1. Yes.....things go on like that for a consultant