Monday, 29 December 2008

London's theatre

I love movies , similar interest as of an average indian population. The first thing I did once I landed in London is that checked for the ticket prices at various cinemas.

The prices seemed to be high, 11 pounds per movie, whereas back in India I can watch movie in a multiplex with popkorn, pepsi and a dinner later - all at a price of Rs500.
So I waited for a movie release for which I will not repent spending 11£. I am a fan of "Shahrukh Khan" so obviously bought the tickets for Rab ne bana di jodi.

I found it difficult to find the cinema complex in the first place as here you don't find crowd. The movie complex seemed more like a IBM or TCS office back in India situated in a remote place with no hushing of people. I felt that every Indian walking in and out has carried an attitude with them. I suddenly felt that If I was standing among English people I would have felt more warmther, with exchanging smiles rather than standing among the so called Indian crowd.

But the Indian flavour remained - people absolutely knocked at each other with out an uttarance of "sorry". Later I found more of Indain-ness when people joined the queue in- between and when a lady fought with another guy for stamping her leg. Yeah !! inherent qualities might not have changed but the Indians here are not the ones I knew back in India. No one speak with the other in our native Indian languages,Our teens aged 14-16 are smoking in public places, older people are not given prioity to tresspass the long queues, babies are not given the warmth of the parents by carrying them in hands (they are more like a baggage - in a perambulator) Yes.. I am missing my India .. Incredible India.

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  1. Hey aparna, Iam very impressed of your nice Patriotic message to the fellow indians..